Localizing Objects with Self-Supervised Transformers and no Labels

Oriane Siméoni    Gilles Puy    Huy V. Vo    Simon Roburin    Spyros Gidaris    Andrei Bursuc    Patrick Pérez    Renaud Marlet    Jean Ponce

BMVC 2021

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Localizing objects in image collections without supervision can help to avoid expensive annotation campaigns. We propose a simple approach to this problem, that leverages the activation features of a vision transformer pre-trained in a self-supervised manner. Our method, LOST, does not require any external object proposal nor any exploration of the image collection; it operates on a single image. Yet, we outperform state-of-the-art object discovery methods by up to 8 CorLoc points on PASCAL VOC 2012. We also show that training a class-agnostic detector on the discovered objects boosts results by another 7 points. Moreover, we show promising results on the unsupervised object discovery task.


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